What is the cost per hour? +
The aircraft is available for £100 per hour for continuous flight (sorte). This is charged at £75 for the first 30 minutes, then £0.83p for every extra minute. Even if you only fly for 20mins, the rate is £75. However a 45min flight would be charged at £87.45 for example. This is for dry hire only. All prices include VAT.
Where are the aircraft based? +
Our first electric aircraft G-KDKD is based at Goodwood Aerodrome in the spring/summer months. However we are looking to re-position the aircraft at Shoreham airport during the late autumn and winter months due to the hard runway access. We have more aircraft planned for later into 2023 to be positioned at different aerodromes around the UK.
What about charging and landing fees? +
A home based landing is included in the current priced based at Goodwood. Fees may increase when the aircraft is repositioned for the winter months. However charging is billed seperately to the aircraft hire, but will appear along side invoices for billed flight hours. A typical charge can cost anywhere from £7 to £12 depending on location and the price per KW set by the aerodrome.
What about training? +
To fly the aircraft you will need to complete a differences course. There is an approved syllabus from the manufacturer which is typically 3 hours spread over 4-5 flights. There is a heavy focus on energy management and landing characteristics. Once registered on Squadron, you will be able to contact one of the approved instructors and make all the arrangements.

The differences training on our aircraft is currently offered for free.
What do you mean by Network Development? +
The core purpose of the aircraft is to test, evaluate and improve Aerovolts' charging infrastructure, user experience and enhance features. We are hoping pilots will visit other airfields frequently and use the charging infrastructure on a regular basis.
Are there any minimum license requirements in terms of hours? +
There are no minimum number of hours required to fly the aircraft. You must have a valid PPL(A) and Class 2 Medical as a minimum. However the instructor will only sign you off and grant you access to the rest of the features on the Squadron system, allowing you to book and fly the aircraft in a solo capacity, when he/she feels you are ready to do so.
How much is the Squadron subscription? +
Squadron is £36 per month (inc VAT) and gets you access to both the charging network and aircraft. There is a minimum term of 6 months, and you are also able to pay for the entire year at a reduced rate.
How do I use the chargers? +
You will be issued with an RFID card in order to use the chargers. In time you will able to activate a charge from your mobile phone as well. You simply plug in the aircraft and tap your card on the RFID reader on the charger. It will beep, check authorisation, and then give you the option to fast charge on the screen. Press this and it will start charging. You can also cancel the charge at any time by tapping cancel on the screen. You will receive updates on your mobile phone during the charging process.
When will there be even more chargers? +
Aerovolt are initially installing 24 chargers at airfields around the UK over a 2 year period. You will see more charging spots appear on the live access map over time.