AeroVolt freely provides access to data streams from our installed chargers. Allowing access to information on charger availabilty and KW output in real time.

We aim to make it as easy as possible for navigation and flight planning application developers to use our data feeds.

An XML feed is currently available. The JSON version will be available from May 2023.
XML Data Requests
Aerovolt has a number of airside smart chargers being installed at aerodromes, grass strips and regional airports in the UK. We provide a searchable data feed to allow developers to access smart charger information for use in flight planning, navigation and network monitoring. Information is pulled in real time from each request. There is no limit to the number of requests that can be made.

Basic structure endpoint:

Search by ICAO Code

You can query the feed by adding the airport ICAO code in the QUERY1 string. An example is below:

Request: (Lydd Airport)

Response: <xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"> <chargers> <charger type="SMART"> <location name="LYDD AIRPORT"> <icao>EGMD</icao> <chargerID>3aed90d5-fbab-590f-a751-8352c999b40b</chargerID> <latitude>50.95548</latitude> <longtitude>0.93384</longtitude> <maxLoad>75 KW</maxLoad> <installStatus>ACTIVE JUNE 2023</installStatus> <dataStatus>ONLINE</dataStatus> <chargerStatus>IN USE (DEMO)</chargerStatus> <priceKW>£0.80</priceKW> <chargerGlobalAvailable>NO</chargerGlobalAvailable> <currentLoad>19.1997658 KW</currentLoad> <currentLimit>20 KW</currentLimit> <currentSessionStart>2022-09-19 17:01:23</currentSessionStart> <currentSessionEnd>2022-09-19 17:04:48</currentSessionEnd> </location> </charger> </chargers> </xml>

Search by Country and Region

You are also able to query the feed by Country and Region (County). For example:


Response: <xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"> <chargers> <charger type="MOBILE"> <location name="GOODWOOD AERODROME"> <icao>EGHR</icao> <chargerID>f1c0cf49-4488-511a-86b0-094212806cf2</chargerID> <latitude>50.86018</latitude> <longtitude>-0.76060</longtitude> <maxLoad>75 KW</maxLoad> <installStatus>MOBILE CHARGER ONLY</installStatus> <dataStatus>ONLINE</dataStatus> <chargerStatus>IN USE (DEMO)</chargerStatus> <priceKW>£0.70</priceKW> <chargerGlobalAvailable>NO</chargerGlobalAvailable> <currentLoad>42.2982247 KW</currentLoad> <currentLimit>43.5 KW</currentLimit> <currentSessionStart>2022-09-25 16:44:07</currentSessionStart> <currentSessionEnd>2022-09-25 16:47:44</currentSessionEnd> </location> </charger> <charger type="SMART"> <location name="SHOREHAM AIRPORT"> <icao>EGKA</icao> <chargerID>5ffbd9db-b1c3-5b59-9c1b-48d1d4d285ed</chargerID> <latitude>50.83488</latitude> <longtitude>-0.29224</longtitude> <maxLoad>75 KW</maxLoad> <installStatus>ACTIVE AUG 2023</installStatus> <dataStatus>ONLINE</dataStatus> <chargerStatus>IN USE (DEMO)</chargerStatus> <priceKW>£0.81</priceKW> <chargerGlobalAvailable>NO</chargerGlobalAvailable> <currentLoad>42.5135069 KW</currentLoad> <currentLimit>43.5 KW</currentLimit> <currentSessionStart>2022-09-19 17:01:23</currentSessionStart> <currentSessionEnd>2022-09-19 17:04:48</currentSessionEnd> </location> </charger> </chargers> </xml>

Note: You are also able to search by just country alone. For example:


However you cannot search by just region without the country name first in QUERY1.


The data format is non-dynamic and all data fields are standardised. However if the charger is not in use, fields relating to the session information will not be included in the dataset.

type Charger type. SMART or MOBILE.
location Common name for the airport the charger is located. This also forms for node for the dataset.
icao International ICAO code or CAA/EASA/FAA identifier if not assigned.
chargerID Unique identifier of the charging station.
longtitude Longtitude string.
latitude Latitude string.
maxLoad The max load in KW for the charging station allowed. This is not the current load in use.
installStatus The common string for when the charger is expected to go live.
dataStatus A check to see if the charger is online and there is solid OCPP connection. ONLINE or OFFLINE
chargerStatus The current usage state of the charger. IN USE or AVAILABLE.
priceKW The current price per KW set by the aerodrome.
chargerGlobalAvailable A YES or NO for whether the charger is physically available at the install location.
currentLoad If the charger is in use, the current load in KW will be displayed.
currentLimit If the charger is in use, the max allowed load for the session will display. However this can be reduced automatcially by the charging system based on a number of factors.
currentSessionStart If the charger is in use, the time in TIMPSTAMP format for when the current charging session was started.
currentSessionEnd If the charger is in use, an estimated time of completion for the charging session.