AEROVOLT is deploying the world's first smart aircraft charging network, working alongside manufacturers, regulators and airport operators. Founded in 2022, AEROVOLT is supported by partners who share a vision to grow the future of zero-emission aviation in the UK and beyond.
Who are Aerovolt's founders?+
Aerovolt was founded by Philip Kingsley-Dobson in 2022. Not long after seeing the first certified electric aircraft at the very end of 2021. A private pilot and self-taught web developer. Twin brother Alan Kingsley-Dobson joined in December 2022.
When does Aerovolt officially launch?+
Aerovolt initially showcased to the public at the Royal International Air Tattoo in 2023. Shortly after we starting installing charging systems at airports. So far we are close to 40 UK aerodromes joining the ever growing list of charger installs. Both airside and automotive.
Where are you based?+
We operate out of an 8000sq/ft workshop in London. But the general operation is along the South Coast around the Solent area.
What investment opportunities are there?+
We are in the middle of a seed round with various stages of development with an number of investors. However, thanks to some early investment, we have managed to secure vital assets for an initial debut in July 2023.
Who are your competitors?+
As far as we are aware, there are none. Aerovolt is the first of it's kind to deploy public use multi-site smart charging systems for aircraft anywhere in the world.
What is your market size?+
The charging network systems are being developed to work with a variety of current and upcoming electric aircraft. As well as drones and eVTOLs. Morgan Stanley estimate the eVTOL market to be worth £1Trillion by 2040. That sounds ambitious, but our own estimations are around £2Billion in the next 5-10 years.
What about people who don't like electric vehicles?+
The goal for Aerovolt is make every system and product 100% reliable, 100% of the time. Whilst allowing access to electric aircraft at incredible rates to steer higher usage of aircraft. Even if you have doubts or just don't like the current EV transition, what Aerovolt offer simply cannot be ignored.
How do you feel about Hydrogen?+
Decades away...
How are the CAA involved?+
We are working with both the inspections and developments teams at the CAA, as well as local councils. There are a number of licensing procedures that are taking place in order to facilitate the charger installations.
How do I get in touch?+
If you are interested in opening discussions for investment in Aerovolt, please email