Mon 3rd July 2023 - 11:13

Yes you are reading this correctly. After a couple of months of ownership of our first Velis Electro G-KDKD which has been based at Goodwood whilst we are gearing to install the first few smart chargers at the end of July, we have realised one of the largest stumbling blocks with the electric tranistion is the training on the current available aircraft.

Where pilots are very much used to an hour or two checkout from a Robin to a PA28, or a Eurofox to a C42 with minimal costs. Transitioning to electric does require a significant amount of ground school which must be done, along with a number of flights to get used to unique handling characteristics, particularly landings in a Velis Electro.

However AEROVOLT is not a flying school, and the aircraft are being made available to pilots who wish to fly electric and also test and evaluate charging features. So we have decided to make the conversion training FREE and all associated costs will be covered up to 5 flights with an instructor. Pilots will simply require to be registered with an active subscription on Squadron. Aircraft are operated in a group capacity.

Invite codes for Squadron will be given out later this month. We are also planning to acquire a couple more aircraft later this year to be positioned at various aerodromes in the mid-southern region.

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