Our chargers are being installed at farm strips, aerodromes and regional airports across the UK and beyond.
How much will a charger cost?+
Nothing. The aerodrome does not pay a penny for the charger or its installation and ongoing maintenance costs, including any power upgrades or routing required.
When can I get a charger installed?+
Due to the worldwide semi-conductor shortage, there is only a limited amount we can have built at any one time. Currently this is about 12 a year in batches of 6. We are in the process of filling the last couple of build slots for late 2023 and then into 2024. A couple of UK aerodromes have already signed up for chargers in 2024.
What is the charger?+
The charger is built by EATON in Switzerland and is known as a Skycharger, but is being rebranded by Aerovolt for the UK market. Each charger costs us about £35k or more with installation costs and is running our own remote management system called Squadron.
How do I charge for electricity?+
Aerovolt does not take any money from the sale of electricity at any of the aerodromes. We handle the transaction which incurs a 1.5% + 20p fee for card processing, but the aerodrome takes all the revenue from charging sessions. A price per KW is set by the aerodrome, which includes a markup if they wish and that is charged to the user. Remmitance is sent to the aerodromes' designated account at a requested interval.
Do I need to monitor the charger?+
No. The system runs a self diagnostic every 60 seconds and relays that information back to our server remotely. Our systems will notify pilots remotely through SQUADRON, or through 3rd party navigation app developers who are currently integrating our charger information streams into their software platforms.
How does Aerovolt make money?+
We have a subscription service on SQUADRON which gives users access to the charging network and aircraft. This is £36 per month.
Will the charger get upgraded?+
Yes. We are expecting an upgrade round in 3-4 years time with a charger that is up to 100KW. Not all locations will be able to have this however.
How can I request an installation?+
All you need to do is email with your details and we can send you more information along with a provisional installation agreement. A site survey and meeting will be arranged and our representitive from UK Power Networks may be in touch.